QuickDoctor is provided by XXXXXX Limited trading as QuickDoctor. Your use of this service confirms that you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, YOU SHOULD NOT USE OR SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS


About QuickDoctor and the Legal bit

  1. About QuickDoctor

QuickDoctor is a trading name of XXXXXX Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number YYYYYYY working with selected UK registered Doctors and working with the registered Pharmacists at ZZZZZZZ Ltd, based in AAAAAA


QuickDoctor can be contacted as during normal working hours by: If you need EMERGENCY HELP contact your GP or NHS Emergency Services


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  1. Our Services are monitored and controlled by the UK authorities

QuickDoctor provides online services for the provision of information, advice and treatment for selected medical conditions, when appropriate our clinicians will give advice and when appropriate issue prescriptions. All our clinical services are provided by UK registered qualified Doctors and pharmacists, who comply with the General Medical Council and the General Pharmaceutical Council Guidelines on remote prescribing.


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  1. Privacy and security

Using QuickDoctor requires you to share a range of personal information with us, and keeping your privacy is important to us. The following explains how we will hold and process the information you share and how we keep it secure.

  1. Your information and Privacy

Complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 QuickDoctor and its partner companies use selected information about you to support your individual requests. This information is processed by QuickDoctor, our doctors and our Pharmacy partners, in addition QuickDoctor will use selected data tools to manage its services. Your data will be securely held and processed on these systems, under QuickDoctor management

  1. Your GP and other medical bodies

We always advise that you permit us to share information about your consultation and any prescriptions with your GP, however sharing this information is done at your discretion.  Our medical clinicians do however have the obligation to contact social services, healthcare and emergency services if they have cause for concern. And we will always respond to official requests from legal and healthcare authorities for information sharing providing significant concerns are presented.

  1. data security and information integrity

As a company with technology at our core, we endeavour to ensure that our electric data security is always kept as up to date as possible to guard against unauthorised use or disclosure.

  1. Direct marketing

You can control your acceptance or declining of receiving digital marketing from QuickDoctor or one of its associated companies. In the Your Account section, you will find a Marketing Options you will find a section where you can Opt In or Opt out at any time. Please be aware it can take 24 hours to take effect, as a marketing mailing may have been prepared prior to your changing your setting.

  1. Why do we have a Registration process

To ensure your safety we maintain a single personal registration record for you, our Doctors use the history contained in it to ensure they are using as much information as possible about you when they assess your answers to your Online consultation. We always reserve the right to decline a request for a consultation or to terminate your account if we have any cause to worry that you or any other person could be at risk.


  1. We always require you to confirm that the information you submit is accurate and up to date.
  2. You agree to keep your user credentials – Username and Password conferential. We also advise that you ensure you are not allowing your computer to retain your password, to keep your account secure
  3. confirm that you are aged 18 or over.


  1. Our commitment to you

Each of our clinicians commits:

  1. Professional responsibility

To take professional responsibility for each patient who uses the Online Doctor services to the same extent as a doctor would have responsibility when meeting a patient face to face.

  1. Compliance

To provide a professional and transparent service that complies with General Medical Council Guidelines on remote prescribing, essential standards of quality and safety as interpreted by England’s healthcare inspectorate, the Care Quality Commission, and clinical best practice in England.

  1. Provide identification

To volunteer their name and General Medical Council professional registration number when prescribing medicines and communicating with patients.

  1. Prescribe in the best interest of the patient

To prescribe medicines only when in their professional judgment, it is in the patient’s best interests to receive the medicine being requested and, accordingly, to refuse to prescribe medicines when they believe it is not in the patient’s best interests to receive medicines without the benefit of a face to face consultation.

  1. Privacy

To take all reasonable steps to protect patients’ personal information as described in paragraph 3 above.

  1. Your commitments when using the Online Doctor

As the patient, you commit:

  1. Accurate information

To answer all questions truthfully and fully.

  1. Personal registration

To not register more than once.

  1. Registration for someone other than yourself

You should not register or complete questionnaires on behalf of anyone other than yourself.

  1. Comply with instructions

To read carefully, each message uploaded into your secure online patient record before taking any medicines that our clinicians have prescribed and to comply with any instructions given for each medicine. In the event that you are uncertain as to how to use a testing kit or take any medicine we have provided to you, you will contact us and not to use the kit or medicine until you have sufficient information from us and understand the correct instructions.

  1. Decisions at QuickDoctor

Our clinicians review your online consultation and determine the advice or treatments that they consider would be in your best interests. As you are not having a face to face consultation, you accept the doctors advice.

  1. Supply details of your consultation to your General Practitioner

During your online consultation we ask you to provide your GP’s contact details, we will use this to share details of your consultation with them, this is advised as allows your GP to have a full picture of your health during any subsequent consultation. You are able to decline this service, however we advise you to keep a detailed record of any medicines you may have been proscribed.

Our clinicians are however obliged to contact the appropriate healthcare. Social services or the emergency services if they consider you or any other person is at risk, even if you decline.

  1. Keep your medicines secure

Any proscribed medicines are for the sole use by the person the doctor proscribes for, you must ensure that they are always kept secure, and out of the reach of children. You must also ensure that you.

  1. During treatment and side-effects

If you experience any side effects during treatment or if the treatment has not been effective please email us. Or if the side effect is severe we advise you immediately contact your GP or check your symptoms on www.NHS.uk before seeking immediate medical attention.

QuickDoctor Services and proscribing

  1. The advice and treatment proscribed by our Doctors

Any advice or treatment proscribed has been issued based on the information you have supplied as part of your online consultation, and inaccuracies or omissions will affect the treatment you are given, and could affect you, if you have supplied incomplete information we cannot be responsible.

  1. Pricing

Where we list prices on the site, or in your consultation documentation the prices are always listed to reflect the price at the time your online consultation has commenced. These prices include VAT where appropriate, and are subject to change without notice.

  1. Starting a Consultation and agreeing to the purchase of the proscribed medicines

As you complete the Online consultation, the medicines that are preselected will be reviewed as part of the consultation, if the doctor considers that you should receive this medication as part of the treatment then they will issue a prescription to our Pharmacy. We will confirm the issuance of the prescription, and any changes as soon as the Doctor has written the prescription.

If you do not wish to accept the prescription there is a window between the prescription being issued and the dispatch of the prescription via our carriers when you can decline and cancel the prescription. In order to do this, you must click the decline link on the confirmation email.

As proscribed medicines are excluded from online orders covered in The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, so you have no right of cancelation.


  1. When you enter a binding contract

As you confirm the details of the Online Consultation you enter into a binding agreement to purchase the goods and services provided. It is possible that our clinicians when they review the details contained my decline to proscribe, they are obliged to follow the regulatory guidance associated with the condition they are proscribing for. In this case the contract will be terminated and you will have no further obligation.

  1. Our Delivery services

We offer standard and express delivery options during your consulation your will be shown any charges before you agree to the consulation. Please note we aim to dispatch all perscriptions by 16:00 GMT the day following the online consultation being submitted. You will be emailed as the prescription is passed ready for dispatch, that email will include unique tracking numbers for your delivery.

  1. Payment and refunds

As you conclude your online consultation you will be asked for the payment information you wish to be used for your consultation. As part of the confirmation you will also be shown all of the charges appropriate to this consultation, when you confirm you agree to us processing a payment for this amount against the payment account you provide. As explained in section 9 above, if our clinicians proscribe a different treatment to you, and that treatment changes the amount you will be charged we will email you with a revised order confirmation, we will give you a reasonable time to accept the revised charge, and you can cancel immediately. However if having delayed the dispatch to give you time to review the revised cost, and the time we dispatch the prescription, your cause of redress is to decline the delivery, so it is immediately returned to us.


  1. Substitutes and changes to brand dispatched

If the medicine you indicated during your online consultation as your preference from a brand, and product is either not available or considered unsuitable our pharmacy my substitute prior to the prescription being dispensed. You will be emailed of the change and any change in the overall charge will be included in the email. Your order may be delayed to give you time to accept this change.