Everyone has difficulty sleeping at some point in their lives, whether from stress, sickness, travelling or tension and a mild sleeping tablet can help to get you back into your natural sleep rhythm and relieving you of the disturbed nights. We have a range of sleeping tablets available.

What causes sleeping problems?

Most adults experience sleeping problems which is common and generally nothing to worry about if it only happens occasionally. However, if you have regular problems getting to sleep and it impacts on your health and daily routine then you may need to seek treatments.

Poor sleep, or insomnia as it’s known, can leave you feeling tired, lethargic, unable to concentrate, and experiencing mood swings. Insomnia can increase with age and tends to be more common in women.

How do I know if I have insomnia?

There are no tests which doctors can use to diagnose for insomnia but the definition is if you suffer from poor sleep, feel tired all the time and have trouble concentrating. It may be that you have difficulty getting to sleep at all, or you fall asleep but keep waking up throughout the night. You should see your doctor if lack of sleep is affecting your life. They will ask you questions about the issue and might ask you to record your sleep patterns in a diary:

  • Are you suffering from any kind of anxiety or stress currently?
  • How do you try to get to sleep and what is your sleeping like?
  • What is the room like that you sleep in and is your bed comfortable?
  • Are you on any medication or do you have any underlying health condition?

How can I treat my insomnia?

The first thing you need to try to tackle with insomnia is the cause – what is it that is keeping you up at night? Therapy could help with this if it is connected with stress or anxiety. It’s important to talk to your doctor to try to establish the cause, before taking any kind of sleeping remedy.

However, there are medications you can take for insomnia to help you get a good night’s sleep to feel better, while you deal with the underlying cause. Some sleeping pills treat one particular type of insomnia so make sure you listen to you doctor’s advice as they will tell you which version will be the most effective for your particular issues and lifestyle.

Sleeping pills can leave you feeling drowsy the next day so make sure you don’t try to drive or use machinery.

The types of sleeping tablets you can take for insomnia include Zolpidem, Zopiclone, Melatonin and Benzodiazepines. There are also over-the-counter sleeping remedies available at most pharmacies.

Can I treat my insomnia without medication?

Yes, with insomnia it is always best to try non-medication treatments first, to get to the underlying root of the insomnia as the sleeping pills only treat the symptoms. You could try therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and there are a few practical things you can do to improve your sleep:

Check your bedroom – the room you sleep in can have a big impact, make sure it’s not too warm, has fresh air and that your bed is comfortable and the room is dark and quiet.

Exercise regularly – exercising regularly is very good for easing stress and anxiety so might be an easy way to relieve your worries and help you get a good night sleep.

Don’t drink alcohol before bed – having a night cap to try to get to sleep is one of the worst things to do as it will reduce the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling drowsy during the day.

Can I order genuine treatments online?

Yes, it is possible to order genuine treatments online but you should always make sure that the website you are ordering from is genuine, so that you know the medication you receive is also genuine.

You need to make sure that the website has been authorised by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and it should have the MHRA logo on the site. You also need to check that the pharmacy which is sending out the medication is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and has a Registered Pharmacy badge on the website too.

When you buy online you will be asked a number of questions by the online website doctor so make sure you fill in all the answers, particularly around if you are taking any other medication currently, so they can advise you properly.