QuickDoctor like most website uses small unique Cookies to help make your user experience better, below we give you some detail as to what we do and why:

Cookies are small files of unique information that our systems place into a special folder on your browser/device. These small files are known as cookies.

These files allow our systems to identify your device during any browsing sessions, and maintain a single profile as you browse our site. They can allow a previously entered username or password to be automatically returned when you reach the appropriate page on the site.

These files are also use to create aggregated analyitical data to allow us to monitor all site visits and to allow us to understand how we can improve our site sand services.

The browser that your use all allow you to manage these cookies, you must allow our systems to issue and use the cookies whilst you are browsing, otherwise you will not be able to complete a consultation. However using the tools available in your browser you can delete or block subsequent cookies, just search your browser for Cookie control.

There are different types of cookies, first party and third party.

  • The QuickDoctor site issues first party cookies to allow our systems to support your consultation and browsing.
  • Third party Cookies are issued by any analytical or process sites that support your sessions

Cookies to look for issued by our site

Name Purpose Typical content Expires
????? ?????? Unique random string allocated to user’s time on site. Expires on exit